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A boy was sitting in the chair watching television, it was 3’O clock midnight, and he was alone at the house.
His parents had gone to a business trip.
It was really a cold dark night, as it was winter.
Then suddenly he hears a sound, as it is dark he is afraid to check it out.
But he finally goes to check the place, and sees nothing. He goes back to watch t.v and tries to calm himself down.
All types of scary thoughts are coming to his mind. Was it a ghost or maybe a thief trying to rob the house.
Then suddenly all the lights went out.

He is scared to death. But gains some courage to see what happened. Just as he grabs his flashlight.
A women in white clothes blood dripping from her mouth, eyes all red and a knife full of blood in her hand.
The boy was horrified by seeing this sight. The women starts laughing scaring the boy more and more.
Then suddenly the boy starts to run in panic, and the women starts to attack him.
She is chasing him, and saying kill! kill! kill!.
The boy hides in the basement, but when he turns around she is standing behind him saying kill! kill! kill! .

She then grabs the boy and as soon as she begins to kill him, the boy wakes up from his sleep, screaming and shouting saying ‘Let me go’.
Then his parents come in the room, open the lights and tries to calm him down.
He realizes that it was just a nightmare and then calms down.
His parents then go to their room. He then tries to sleep but as soon he is about to sleep. Suddenly the lights went off and he screams aaaaaaaaaa!

!!!This is my first story.
Hope you guyzz like it.
Don’t forget to share your views about this story.
Your feedback is always appreciated!!!
!!!Thank you for reading!!!





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